Chœur battant / Beating Choir

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Three young Québécers meet three young Flemish people. Together, they speak out for a resilient and perseverant generation. They look ahead, projecting themselves into the future: Aurélie, Lajha, Mathieu, Maura, Oumi, and Romain break out of the isolation that was imposed on them by the forces of life. They envisage recent months, their humility and uncertainty coloured with the passion of their youth, as a springboard to a world that will reflect them.

What about fate? Do we choose the life we’ll live? Why do we become one person rather than another? What is the turning point? The breaking point? The moment of truth? The body and the words explode, the thirst for life becomes the driving force for the theatrical device, and these six young people take over the entire stage. Chœur battant/Beating Choir is their hymn to hope and freedom.

10 years old and +
60 minutes
300 spectators

Choreographer – Director
Zoë Demoustier (Belgium)

Artistic support
Marie-Eve Huot (Québec)

Romain Accoe (Belgium), Aurélie Brassard (Québec), Lahja Demoustier (Belgium), Oumi Niang (Belgium), Maura Tepperman (Québec), and Mathieu Thibodeau (Québec).

Leila Boukhalfa et Annemie Boonen ( Belgium)

Participated in costume design
Ange Blédja (Québec)

Willem Lenaerts, Pepijn Leenders (Belgium)

Martin Sirois (Québec)

Artistic consultant
Amber Goethals (Belgium)

Rehearsal coach
Marie-Gabrielle Ménard (Québec)

Voice and diction consultant
Simon Labelle-Ouimet (Québec)

Technical director
Nicolas Fortin (Québec) and Davy Deschepper (Belgique)


Audio mixing, voices and interviews
Yelena Schmitz (Belgium)

Research and interviews
Annemie Boonen, Creative in Solitude (Belgium)

Romane Van Damme (Belgium)

Romane Van Damme, Ineke Van Wambeke, Annemie Boonen (Belgium)

Co-creation between Le Carrousel, theatre company (Montreal, Canada) and  BRONKS | Theatre for a young audience (Brussels, Belgium)

Photos : David Ospina