Suzanne Lebeau

English translation
Shelley Tepperman

Directed by
Gervais Gaudreault

Assistant director and English coach
Robert Vézina

Mireille Thibault, François Trudel

Set design, costumes, projections and props
Francine Martin

Lighting design
Dominique Gagnon

Sound design
Diane Leboeuf

Hair and make-up
Pierre Lafontaine

Special effects
Éric Gendron

Foot percussion and singing
André Marchand

Pamela’s voice
Léa Forcier-Depatie

Martin Hayes, violin, and Dennis Cahill, guitar
The Lonesome Touch, Green Linnet Records, GL1181

Production manager
Dominique Gagnon

Lighting manager
Carol Lechasseur

In co-production with l’Espace Malraux/Scène Nationale de Chambéry et de la Savoie (France), Le Théâtre/Scène Nationale de Narbonne (France), and le Théâtre du Vieux-Terrebonne (Québec)

A house in a thick forest, a school at the end of the road, vegetables day and night, the smell of blood hanging in the air. A careless rooster, the fox and the weasel, a wolf and hunters, children and ogres, an ogre child.

In The Ogreling, the son of an ogre decides to escape his destiny. But first, he must overcome three ordeals, challenges to his instincts and his troubling desires. From his father he inherited an appetite for flesh; but from his mother he received a hunger to live at peace with the world.

We are in the world of fairy tales, and must allow ourselves to be swept along if we are to discover the full richness of the message. Throughout the story of the Ogreling, Suzanne Lebeau explores the never-ending struggle between good and evil that resides within each of us. After all, ogres might not only live in fairy tales ...

Adults and young people aged 8+

“The Suzanne Lebeau-Gervais Gaudreault team has surpassed itself in this troubling yet important play. [...] Without the slightest degree of complacency, in a set design of remarkable effectiveness, the play offers intense emotions for young audiences.”
Le Devoir, Montreal
“The audience is spellbound to the end. And until the curtain falls, the young audience reacts, their sagacity sharply honed. And naturally, they are driven by a marked curiosity to witness the real life of an ogre. A highly successful stage direction, expressed within an astonishing forest setting with stylized trees.”
Le Dauphiné Libéré, Chambéry
“With L'Ogrelet, the Québécois team at Le Carrousel offers us its most audacious and beautiful creation. [...] Considered today as ‘a leader in theatre for young audiences’ (I feel a need to say all audiences), Le Carrousel once again gives us all we deeply need to live and grow: words of truth, an uncompromising regard, the work of artists and artisans who recognize the power of gestures and who know that it takes light to illuminate that which is hidden within ourselves, a place we often fear to tread. [...] All graciously extended through perfect scenography.”
La Savoie, Chambéry