Suzanne Lebeau

Julia Duchesne and John Van Burek

Directed by
Gervais Gaudreault

Assistant director
Stéphanie Capistran-Lalonde

Première cast in French and in Spanish
Emilie Dionne, Lise Roy, and Sébastien René

Also in the French-language cast
Jean-Philip Debien, Isabelle Miquelon, and Audrey Talbot

Also in the Spanish-language cast
Luisa Huertas

Set design
Stéphane Longpré

Linda Brunelle

Lighting design
Dominique Gagnon

Sound environment
Nancy Tobin

Make up
François Cyr

Anik Généreux

Production manager
Dominique Gagnon

Sound manager, projections
Éric Le Brech'

Lighting manager
Régis Guyonnet

A production of Le Carrousel theatre company and Théâtre d’Aujourd’hui (Montreal), in residence at Théâtre de la Ville (Longueuil, Quebec), in co-production with Théâtre Jean Vilar de Vitry-sur-Seine and the Fédération d’Associations de Théâtre Populaire with assistance from the Aide à la création program of the Centre national du théâtre and support provided to the author by SACD (France).

Elikia is a child, among so many others, who has seen her life overturned from one day to the next in a chaotic, lawless civil war. The girl, kidnapped from her family, becomes a child soldier. She is a victim, but she is also an executioner in an untenable situation that blurs the most elementary laws of ethics. How can she grow up and remain human when the reference points disappear beneath a hopeless daily brutality? It is little Joseph, the youngest child to come to the rebels’ camp, who reminds her of her childhood, her family, her village, and her humanity, and gives her the courage to break the chain of violence into which she has been pulled.

Le bruit des os qui craquent is a play in two voices. While Joseph and Elikia are on the run, experiencing doubts, fears, and a wish to return to civilized life where children may grow up as children, Angelina, the nurse who greets them at the hospital where they take refuge, puts this painful reality into perspective and opens the window to a light that is uncertain, but a light nonetheless.

Adults and young people aged 10+

2010 Prix de littérature dramatique des collégiens, Île-de-France Collidram; 2009 Governor General's Literary Award for Drama; 2009 Prix de la critique, young audiences category, awarded by the Association québécoise des critiques de théâtre; 2009 Prix Sony Labou Tansi des lycéens; 2008 Distinction de la Comédie-Française; 2007 Prix des Journées de Lyon des auteurs de théâtre; the play was selected by the Jury of German Theatre Professionals to be translated into German, published, and distributed to 400 theatres in Germany.
“. . . the text by Quebec playwright Suzanne Lebeau, which relates the fate of two child soldiers, is an ode to rediscovered dignity and to responsibility.”
Jean-Luc Bertet,
“ We expected it, but it was still a rude shock. The Quebec company Le Carrousel offered us an unforgettable piece of theatre, one of these moments that anchors us in a reality that is unbearable, but the knowledge of which is necessary. Le bruit des os qui craquent is a text that is intense, hard, raw, simple, and direct. . . . Neither didactic nor sordid, this text . . . is a gift. A true gift. ”
Dominique Marcon, Zibeline

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