Suzanne Lebeau

English translation
Maureen Labonté

Directed by
Gervais Gaudreault

Assistant director
Marie-Eve Huot

Première cast

In French-language
Linda Laplante and Benoît Vermeulen

In Spanish-language
Sophie Vajda and Benoît Vermeulen

Also in the French-language cast
Sophie Vajda

Set design
Richard Morin

Lyse Bédard

Richard Morin and Francine Martin

Lighting design
Dominique Gagnon

Sound design
Diane Leboeuf

Assisted by
Chantal Benoît

Pierre Lafontaine

Production manager
Dominique Gagnon

Sound Manager
Emmanuel Cognée

Lighting manager
Dominique Gagnon

The children that we once were, we still are. Childhood, that tender age of life, has been lived through by the adults who argue, yield, object, absolve. To be an adult and have children, to be a child and have adults, is to know joy, pain, tenderness, anger, compromise . . .

Tales of Real Children – these are children and adults, face to face, back to back, in situations that swing back and forth between the playful and the tragic, the unusual and the everyday, dream and reality, poetry and theatre . . .

This production is composed of six stories that explore the diversity of feelings and emotions defining relations between children and adults. The writing is unbridled, freed of all constraint, and the direction approaches the text as if it were a musical score. The result is a kaleidoscopic show that is sometimes funny, sometimes impertinent, always moving and touching.

Adults and young people aged 8+

Best production for a young audience - Association québécoise des critiques de théâtre, 1993; Masque for the Best production for a young audience - Académie québécoise du théâtre, 1994
“After seeing Tales of Real Children, we leave the theatre, our heads filled with words, our ears filled with laughter, our hearts filled with emotion . . . and our whole being filled with the joy we felt, when, as children, we took a good running kick at the conventions of adulthood we did not understand, or did not want to understand.”
La Presse, Montreal
“Set design is ingeniously thought out and employed, allowing for a direction that is alert and inventive, in harmony with the overall energy of the play. [...] Let there be no mistake, by successfully representing these written tales scenically, director Gervais Gaudreault wins a bet made by Suzanne Lebeau. And we, the audience, listen with enchantment.”
Cahiers de théâtre JEU, Montreal

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Photos: François-Xavier Gaudreault