Suzanne Lebeau

Directed by
Gervais Gaudreault

Assistant director
Marie-Eve Huot

Linda Laplante (in French)
Marcela Pizarro Minella
(in Spanish)

Set design
Stéphane Longpré

Sarah Lachance

Lighting design
Dominique Gagnon

Laser conceptualization
Laurent Lamarche

Sound environment
Diane Labrosse

Sound design
Nancy Tobin

Marcela Pizarro Minella

Make up and hair
Pierre Lafontaine

General manager
Nicolas Fortin

Technical director
Alexandre Brunet
in collaboration with Dominique Gagnon

Production manager
Sébastien Béland

Pruduction assistant
Éric Gendron

A production of Théâtre de Quat’Sous (Montréal) and Le Carrousel theatre company.


Suzanne Lebeau benefited from a dramaturgy workshop hosted by Élisabeth Bourget and a public reading as part of the Dramaturgies en Dialogue at the Centre des auteurs dramatiques.

Thank you to Annick Bergeron and Marie-Thérèse Fortin for making this woman’s voice heard during public readings.

Thank-you to Sylvie Lessard and Rencontre Théâtre Ados.

The text is published in France by Éditions Théâtrales.

A single woman tells us – she tells us about Juarez, a town on the border between Mexico and the United States, a town of maquiladoras, factories for women who are exploited at will.  They come from all over the country to work there, and the cardboard shacks have multiplied to the edge of the desert. In 1993, the body of a young woman was fund half-buried in the sand. Dead, raped, strangled. Almost four hundred were found in ten years . . . and the total impunity is infuriating. Her monologue, both investigation and cry of revolt, questions and denounces so that we never forget these women. Never.

Best international play presented to Córdoba (Argentina) in 2015 : PREMIO PROVINCIAL DE TEATRO 2016.
“I have rarely had a theatre experience as beautiful, intense, and devastating, something about which you think and rethink afterward and that forces admiration for all kinds of reasons.” 
Marie-Claire Girard, Huffington Post
“This excellent piece is a punch in the face of our sense of comfort and our indifference.” 
Mario Cloutier, La Presse

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Photos: Yanick MacDonald