Suzanne Lebeau

Directed by
Marie-Eve Huot

Assistant director
Marjorie Bélanger

Ludger CôtéCitlali Germé et Sasha Samar

Set design
Pierre-Étienne Locas

Linda Brunelle

Lighting design
Dominique Gagnon

Sound environment
Diane Labrosse

Musical consultant
Pierre Tanguay

Movement consultant
Jacques Poulin-Denis

Make up and hair
Angelo Barsetti

Shadow Advisor
Clea Minaker

Philosophical advisor
Gilles Abel

Voice and diction consultant
Emilie Dionne

Technical director
Nicolas Fortin

In co-production with Théâtre Gilles-Vigneault (Saint-Jérôme, Quebec).

The city of Thebes is the scene of this terrible story that we are going to tell you. It is a story that begins in the very heart of the family, where the tensions are the highest, the most devastating. Because everyone knows everyone else so well, each knows exactly what will cause the other the most pain, what will be the mortal injury.

This is the story of Antigone and Creon, the story of Oedipus, his parents and his children, the story of Ismene and Haemon. These people come from a distant country and time: Greece, more than two thousand years ago. But their names have endured through the ages, travelled around the world, and now they are before you, full of love and hate, life and death.

Adopting a sense of astonishment before these legendary figures who made their way into history, Suzanne Lebeau takes us back to fundamental questions that underlie the workings of Western societies. With this new text, she offers a foray into the world of philosophy, leading us to a disarming fact: there are no definitive answers to the great questions of life.

The show, rooted in uncompromising modernity, reveals the timeless nature of the tragedy. It allows spectators to seize upon their critical senses to probe the meaning of life.

Du 18 November au 10 May
Canada, Québec, France

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Photos: Marc-Antoine Zouéki